Dance Photoshoot with Montanah and Celeste

Montanah and Celeste came to the studio to show off their dance moves. I wasn't sure what to expect vis-a-vis their skill and power. I was really impressed with both. Their jumps were high, poses graceful, holds powerful and aerials amazing.

I cranked the lights to a really short flash duraction of 1/4400th of a second to freeze the motion.

Celeste doing a back flip

Montanah stops in mid flip for a rest

They had some really strong duo poses

Perfect form on being upside down.

They were competitive as to who got the best air

- London Dance Photo - I am Mark Ruddick, an experienced photographer working in London, ON. I enjoy photographing dancers and really appreciate the athleticism and artistry involved. Coming from a fight photography background, I have developed my technique to capture rapidly moving subjects at high speed in front of the lens. The resulting instinct for timing fight photography has lead to an ability to capture my subjects at the peak of their motion.

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